Body Painted Model in a Mall by Jen Seidel


Jen Seidel Body Painted Artist

Jen Seidel Body Painted an interesting design to a woman To Walk Through A Shopping Center without nothing on her, and To See Whether People Would Respond.

Jen Seidel the body painter is an expert body painter. She trains her daughter Claudia with whom she teaches how to body paint as well.

You can find more about Jen Seidel on her official website here!

The model that you are about to see below wearing only few things on her, like a hat, a scarf, boots, otherwise she doesn’t have anything more on her!

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Can you presume which one is body painted?

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Body Painted in Shopping center

Jen Seidel walked through the shopping center with the model to see how other people would respond. This was a fascinating approach to see how this realistic body paint actually

made people wonder if the model was. The various reactions are surprising.. just like her book with her best body painted that she created over the years. You can find her book below!

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