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Assault on Capitol Hill: Democrat elected official, N.A.A.C.P sues Trump and Giuliani in civil proceedings

A Democratic representative on Tuesday filed a complaint against former President Donald Trump, his former personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and two right-wing extremist groups, accusing them of conspiring to block the validation of election results on the 6th. January. By preventing the complainant and his congressional colleagues from performing their official duties, Donald Trump, Rudy […]


Georgia Prosecutor Suggest at Charging Rudy Giuliani for…

With President Trump currently out of office, there are a variety of local law enforcement agencies who are wanting to obtain a piece of he as well as his friends for whatever supposed incongruities they’ve engaged in. Of course, a lot of this is straightforward political blustering, with regional DA’s as well as district attorneys […]


McConnell Makes CONSIDERABLE Admission on Impeachment Vote

Donald Trump’s fate lies once again in the hands of the Senate, who are now deliberating as to whether or not he truly “incited an insurrection”, as laid out in the single article of impeachment against him. There seems to be little doubt that Trump will be acquitted again, with even Senator Lindsey Graham openly […]

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