Luke Cage Comic

Luke Cage comic

Real name: Carl Lucas, legally changed to Luke Cage
Occupation: Adventurer, former bar manager, former bodyguard, former mercenary, former local cinema owner, former private investigator, various other jobs
Legal status: US citizen, for a time with a criminal record, before being found innocent of charges
Identity: Publicly known
Other identities: Power-Man, the Hero for Hire, Mark Lucas, the Ace of Spades, others according to his missions
Place of birth: New York (New York, United States)
Family status: Married
Known parents: Jessica Jones (Jewel/Knightress, wife), Danielle Cage (daughter), James Leonard Lucas (father), Esther Lucas (mother, deceased), James Lucas Jr (Coldfire, brother), an unidentified foster mother
Group membership: Iron-Fist partner, former member of the Avengers, Heroes for Hire (the first two incarnations), Marvel Knights, Defenders, Fantastic Four, Bloods, former partner of Nightwing Restorations (the Dragon Girls)
Base of operations: New York (New York, United States), for a time Chicago (Illinois, United States)
First appearance: VO : Hero for Hire #1 (June 1972, by Archie Goodwin & John Romita Sr) – VF : L’Inattendu n°1 (1st quarter 1975, with Hero for Hire #2 ; Hero for Hire #1 is new in France)
Size: 2m
Weight: 193 kg
Eyes: Chestnuts
Hair: Black (Luke Cage now shaves his head, however)

Luke Cage Comic

Powers of Luke Cage

Luke Cage has a superhuman strength, which allows it to lift about 25 tons (before its second exposure, it could lift about 3 tons) and punch through a 10 cm thick steel plate or any other equivalent with a single punch. Its skin is as hard as steel and its bone tissue is extremely dense; it can withstand conventional revolver bullet impacts from a distance of one meter and it cannot be cut even by the sharpest of blades even if, in case of necessary surgery, its skin can be cut by an extremely powerful medical laser.

Luke Cage Comic

Luke Cage Bullet Proof.

It can withstand impacts equivalent to one tonne or explosions equal to 75 kg of TNT without serious injury and is insensitive to extreme temperatures and electric shocks. However, Cage can be injured with materials that are even more resistant than its skin, such as adamantium. Its recovery time after injuries or trauma is, in general, one-third that of an ordinary human.


Luke Cage is a bare-handed fighter with years of experience in street fighting; he is also an excellent athlete, despite his height and weight. He also studied martial arts with Iron-Fist, learning to use his strength in conjunction with certain movements to further improve his combat effectiveness. He is self-taught in the legal and legal field and also speaks several languages.


Luke Cage usually wears a leather jacket that is, like his skin, insensitive to bullets and lacerations after being exposed to Luke’s treatment during his second exposure to it; however, he wears it relatively infrequently and often ends up with tattered clothing after his adventures.

Luke Cage Comic Story

Born and raised in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, Carl Lucas spent his youth in a gang called the Bloods. With his friend Willis Stryker, he fought the rival Diablos gang and committed petty theft, often on behalf of the lord of the deformed mob called Sonny Caputo, nicknamed “The Hammer”. Entering and leaving reformatories during his teenage years, Carl dreamed of becoming a major New York racketeer until he finally realized that his actions hurt his family; he then sought to improve as an adult, finding a legal job.

Luke Cage Comic

Luke Cage in Harlem.

However, Stryker rose through the ranks of criminal organizations, although the two men remained friends. When Stryker’s activities irritated the Maggia (nicknamed the Union), he was severely beaten up in a gang battle, and his life was only saved thanks to Carl’s intervention. When Stryker’s girlfriend, Reva Connors, broke up with him for fear of his violent lifestyle, she found comfort in Carl.

Convinced that Carl was responsible for their break-up, Stryker hid heroin in Carl’s apartment and notified the police. Carl was arrested and sent to prison; contact with his family became rare because of the resentment of his brother, James Jr., who intercepted Carl’s letters to their father James and finally managed to make each of them believe that the other had died. In prison, Carl’s rage over Stryker’s betrayal only increased and his father’s supposed death, when he seemed to be a criminal, increased; he engaged in frequent fights with the other prisoners and several attempts to escape.

Luke Cage Comic

His behaviour led him to be finally incarcerated in Seagate Prison, nicknamed “Little Alcatraz”, off the coast of Georgia. Immediately, he became the whipping boy of a sadistic guard, Albert “Billy Bob” Rackham, whose brutality eventually led to his demotion by the warden of the penitentiary, a situation for which he blamed Carl. Later, the researcher and scientist, Dr. Noah Burnstein, recruited Carl as a volunteer, in exchange for an early release, for an experiment on cell regeneration based on a variant of the super-soldier process that had previously been used to give Warhawk (Mitchell Tanner) his powers back. Burstein immersed Carl in an electric field powered by an organic chemical component; when he left Carl unattended, Rackham manipulated the experiment’s control systems, hoping to cripple or kill Carl. Carl’s treatment was accelerated beyond what had been envisaged, triggering an improvement in Carl’s entire body that gave him superhuman strength and resistance. Mad with pain, he used his new powers to escape from Seagate, returning to New York, where an unexpected encounter with criminals gave him the idea of using his new abilities to earn a living.

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Luke Cage Comic a.k.a Powerman

Adopting Luke Cage’s identity and now wearing a distinctive costume, Carl embarked on a career as a hero to praise, helping anyone willing to put a price on it. He quickly established an office in the Times Square Jewel Cinema, where he made friends with a film student, D.W. Griffith. Burstein, knowing Luke was innocent, also moved to New York and opened a clinic there, assisted by Dr. Claire Temple, who became Luke’s girlfriend. Although he would have been happy to face only conventional criminals, he soon discovered that New York was the last of the cities where this was possible.

Stryker himself had become a Maggia agent under the name of Diamondback and died fighting Luke. Luke’s later enemies included Gideon Mace, a bitter veteran seeking to seize power in the United States and who would become a recurrent opponent; the first Chemistro (Curtis Carr), whose alchemical pistol would later be a weapon used by other criminals, including his own brother after Curtis Carr had amended himself; and Discus, Stiletto, Shades and Comanche, all criminals associated with Luke’s incarceration and whom he would face several times over the years.

Luke Cage Comic

Luke Cage Powerman

Although Luke seemed to have little in common with most other superhumans in New York, an ill-prepared attempt to recover his money from a Dr. Fatalis who refused to pay for his services led him to make friends with the Fantastic Four. He was later hired by the publisher of the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson, to capture Spider-Man, the experienced adventurer who had become Jameson’s personal obsession; but Luke came to sympathize with Spider-Man and virulently dismissed JJJ’s advance, gaining a place on the long list of superhuman individuals hated by the publisher. Luke also became friends with Jessica Jones, aka the costumed heroine Jewel, a young woman whose superhuman strength and unorthodox style were particularly suited to her own. During a mission during which Orville Smythe manipulated Luke to steal an experimental space uniform belonging to Stark International, Luke followed the example of his new peers and adopted the code name Power Man.

Luke Cage Comic and the Defenders

Shortly after that, Luke began to associate with the fluctuating team of superhumans known as the Defenders, and beside them faced the colossus of the Demolitionists and the subversive racist organization called the Sons of the Serpent. When Thing temporarily lost its powers, Luke was hired to replace him in the Fantastic Four; but his stay among them was brief, knowing a term after he had been manipulated by the Master of Evils to fight his teammates. Meanwhile, Luke continued his solo adventures against an assortment of strange criminals, including the professional wrestler who went mad named X the Wonder, the uninspired Maggia agent called Mr. Fish, the gangsters Dontrel “Cancrelot” Hamilton and Ray “Pirahna” Jones, the racist Wildfire, the vengeful Mangler and Spear (whose brother died while he was being cared for by Burstein), the rival mob lords Baron and Big Brother, as well as their agent, the second Chemistro, the obsessive thief named Goldbug and Zzzax, the living dynamo.

He also faced Erik Josten, the previous Power-Man, who came to defend his right to bear this name; Luke having won their fight – and thus earned the right to remain Power-Man – Josten became shortly after the first Smuggler, before changing to Goliath and Atlas; hired by Amanda Sheridan, Luke also fought Moses Magnum. Called to help the Defenders Against the Man-Plant, Luke began to complain that his participation in the group interfered with his professional activities.

Luke Cage Comic

The Defenders: (from left to right) Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist.

The rich member of the Defenders, Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond) solved the problem by placing Luke on his list of employees, providing him with a regular salary for his activities as Defender. For some time after that, Power-Man was a regular member of the Defenders, alongside Dr. Strange, the Hulk, Brunhilde of Valkyria, Nighthawk and the Red Guardian (Dr. Tanya Belinskya, who would become Starlight).

You can find Luke Cage Season 1 here in blu-ray format.

Luke Cage Comic

The Defenders

Together, they triumphed over minor threats such as the first Eel (Leopold Stryke) and the first Porcupine (Alex Gentry), as well as greater dangers to the Earth such as Headmen, Nebulon the Celestial Man, Egghead and its Evil Emissaries, and the Red Rajah. But Luke felt out of place among the often strange and bizarre exploits of the Defenders and ended up leaving the team during a reshuffle. He thought he wasn’t made for teamwork, not knowing how much he would be mistaken a few months later.

Luke Cage Comic against Bushmaster

Having obtained evidence of Luke’s innocence in his initial conviction for drug trafficking, criminal John Bushmaster kidnapped Burnstein and Temple, using them as hostages along with the hope of a review of his conviction to blackmail Power-Man and force him to kidnap Detective Misty Knight, who had humiliated and misled Bushmaster a few months earlier. Luke’s attempt to save his friends led to a fight against Knight’s boyfriend, the hero and martial arts champion Iron-Fist (Daniel Rand), a native of the extra-dimensional city of K’Un-Lun and still unsuitable and novice in Earth society; however, when Rand and Knight learned of Luke’s motivations, they decided to help him defeat Bushmaster and save his two friends.

Luke Cage Comic


During the meeting, Bushmaster forced Burnstein to use the same process that had given Luke his powers over him, but he was nevertheless defeated and soon found himself completely paralyzed as a result of the treatment. Finally cleared of all criminal charges, Luke worked briefly for Knight’s detective agency, Nightwing Restorations, where he also became friends with Knight’s teammate, Colleen Wing.

However, he quickly decided to form a team with Iron-Fist, the Heroes for Rent, founded by lawyer Jeryn Hogarth and managed by the wonderful secretary Jenny Royce. Although Luke the street child and the social and mystical Rand seemed to have little in common, they quickly became excellent friends, forging bonds that remain as strong today. However, Luke’s relationship with Temple ended shortly after his innocence was acknowledged and he then began dating model Harmony Young. Power-Man and Iron Fist were very successful with the Heroes for Rent, gaining an international reputation and fighting a wide variety of criminals, including the brilliant Nightshade, the lord of the international Montenegro mob, Dents-de-Sabre and the Thief, the third Chemistro (and brother of the first), Warhawk, and the drug dealer Goldeneye.

Luke Cage Comic

Luke Cage Comic vs Bushmaster.

Luke and Rand also helped the X-Men against the living Monolith, as well as the vigilante El Aguila or the alien Rom, the Space Knight, helping him to enter the Baxter Building to find a ship capable of bringing him back to his planet Galador. They had several struggles involving the Halwan and Murkatesh nations, including with the incarnations of the Scimitar and the Black Tiger. They occasionally worked alongside other urban heroes such as Spider-Man, Daredevil and Moon Knight, but rarely participated in global crises, the prerogative of the Fantastiques or the Avengers. However, their adventures sometimes took a more exotic turn, both extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional, areas that had little appeal to a Luke who remained down-to-earth.

The end of their partnership began when the mysterious government agency of the SMILE manipulated Luke and Iron-Fist into working for Consolidated Conglomerates, Inc. during their first mission for the CCI, Iron-Fist was exposed to radiation and poisoned, condemned in the short term. In desperation, Luke brought him back to K’Un-Lun for treatment. On the spot, Iron-Fist, without Power-Man noticing, was kidnapped by the plant race of the H’Ylthri – former enemies of K’Un-Lun – and replaced by a replica in its image. Shortly after their return to New York, the replica was destroyed, hammered to death with blows by the Super-Skrull (then under the guise of the young Bobby Wright), itself manipulated within a complex network of deception by Master Khan, Iron-Fist’s bitter enemy and who also ignored Rand’s replacement. The body of the replica quickly disintegrated and Luke, left alone after Wright’s disappearance, was charged with the murder of his friend.

Luke Cage Comic escape from Seagate move back to Chicago

Once again a fugitive, Luke cut off all contact with his friends in New York and moved back to Chicago; but, with Hogarth’s help, he was cleared of all suspicions when the real Iron Fist turned out to be alive and well. Seeking to start a new life after the new murder charges were dropped, Luke abandoned his Power Man identity and began working in Chicago under the simple name of Luke Cage, a hero to be praised; he arranged with a newspaper, the Chicago Spectator, to allow exclusive reports on his adventures, frequently working with Detective Dakota North. His first mission led him to join forces with Punisher (Frank Castle) against drug traffickers.

Luke soon caught the attention of the worldly assassin Hardcore, an employee of Cruz Bushmaster, the son of this John Bushmaster whose defeat had allowed Luke to establish his innocence after his escape from Seagate. Luke learned that Cruz Bushmaster, following in his father’s footsteps in blackmail, kidnapped Noah Burstein’s wife, Emma Burstein, in order to force the scientist to recreate the process that had given Luke his powers, without worrying about the number of guinea pigs that would suffer during the experiments. Cruz Bushmaster eventually submitted himself to the process, but his father absorbed his son’s power, coming out of his near-catatonia and declaring himself to be a Power-Master.

Luke Cage Comic

       Luke Cage escape from Seagate.

However, Luke partnered again with Iron Fist to defeat their plans, freeing the Burnsteins while the Bushmasters both seemed to die and Luke’s powers were further enhanced by a backlash of the Bushmaster process. While Luke was trying to find his family members still alive, with the help of Dakota North, his brother continued to move their father in order to keep Luke at a distance. James Lucas Jr. was eventually recruited by the criminal organization called the Corporation, whose scientist specializing in artificial superhuman powers, Dr. Karl Malus, mutilated Luke’s brother to make him the superhuman Coldfire.

As such, James Lucas Jr. hoped to be able to compete with his brother’s powers, which he considered a threat, and he used his hatred towards his brother to concentrate his energy powers. Although Coldfire initially volunteered to work for the Corporation, Malus had James Lucas Sr kidnapped to hold him hostage and thus ensure Coldfire’s cooperation. When Luke learned that the Corporation was apparently holding his family prisoner, he entered their headquarters and clashed with Coldfire; however, the two brothers eventually joined forces to save their father from Malus and Coldfire apparently sacrificed his life to destroy the Corporation’s base while Luke fled with their father.

Luke Cage Comic Hero for Hire

A few months later, Luke returned to New York to investigate Harmony Young’s murder and fought his assassin, the demon Darklove, joining forces with the second Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch) for this battle. Shortly after that, the mystic Dr. Druid recruited Luke to serve with the Secret Defenders to fight the witch Malachi. Cage then returned permanently to New York and, deciding that he had had enough of his heroic career, he became co-owner of the Cinéma du Joyau with his friend D.W. Griffith. Even an Iron Fist proposal to join a new, larger version of the Hero for Hire did not arouse his interest; however, when the so-called conqueror of the world called the Master also tried to recruit Luke as a spy on the Rand team, destroying Luke’s cinema on that occasion, a puzzled Luke decided to play the game.

Luke thus integrated the new Hero for Hire and worked with them for a time, while informing the Master. Luke himself even began to approve some of the most benevolent aspects of the Master’s projects and both seemed to begin to appreciate and value each other. But, finally, Luke could not completely betray his best friend, nor accept the enormous human losses involved in the Master’s plan to conquer the planet.

Luke Cage Comic

Luke Cage Hero for Hire.

He thus helped the Heroes for Hire to defeat the Master’s plans. Luke stayed in the group after that, starting to date one of his teammates, Miss Hulk. But when the multinational Stark-Fujikawa bought the Heroes for Hire, Luke and Ant-Man (Scott Lang) were fired because of their history as prisoners; in protest, the rest of the team resigned, ending this incarnation of the Heroes for Hire.

Luke Cage Comic with Jessica Jones

Luke, once again taken over by the demon of heroism, continued to share adventures with Iron Fist and other heroes. Briefly reclaiming his identity as Power Man, he was hired by Moon Knight to join the Marvel Knights; but a few days after his arrival, the group broke up after a fight with the forces of Tombstone and Fu Manchu. Deciding that a return to his roots was necessary, he relaunched his Hero for Hire activities, intervening in a gang war between Tombstone and Hammerhead, soon learning that, despite his international reputation, he was almost forgotten on the streets where he had begun his career. Luke then invested his money in a bar and decided to rid his immediate neighbourhood of any criminal elements, considering that it was better to leave the issues of saving the planet to others.

However, he was recruited by Nick Fury for a secret operation in Latvia where, along with other heroes, he helped to overthrow Lucia von Bardas, who financed and equipped many superhuman American criminals. After a one-night stand with a drunk Jessica Jones, and now a private investigator, Luke’s life was briefly plunged into disarray after Jones’ reaction to the adventure; however, they made peace with each other while they both worked as bodyguards for Matt Murdock, whose public denials of his Daredevil costume identity cost him part of the respect Luke had hitherto had for him, the latter calling Murdock a hypocrite on this occasion.

Shortly after that, Jones received Luke’s support to deal with her emotions when she was forced to rethink her past rape by the criminal called the Purple Man; Luke’s feelings towards her then began to strengthen. When Jones told her she was pregnant with him, she and Luke moved in together.

Luke Cage Comic

Luke Cage with Jessica Jones.

Shortly after that, Jones became a consultant on superhuman activities for the Daily Bugle, where Jameson’s anger towards Luke had not diminished in any way over the years. Shortly afterwards, during a Daily Bugle investigation into the murder of one of their journalists, Jessica Jones was attacked by Norman Osborn in her Green Buffoon costume and Luke immediately came to her friend’s rescue, controlling the criminal and forcing her to unmask herself in public, leading to Osborn’s first arrest.

After facing Bardas’ revenge, during which Luke was seriously wounded and had to be taken by his friends – Iron Fist and the Dragon Girls – to the Night Nurse for treatment and protection; recovered from his injuries, he came to Murdock’s aid again, this time under his identity as Daredevil, against a gang of MGH doped yakuzas who were seeking to take over Hell’s Kitchen.

Luke Cage Comic with the Avengers

Finding himself in the Raft Superhuman Prison with Murdock and Nelson, Luke helped Daredevil, Captain America and other heroes fight a massive escape on the spot; shortly afterwards, he was contacted again by Captain who suggested that he join a new incarnation of the Avengers, New York’s leading team of heroes, an offer Luke accepted, thinking of the fatherly image he wanted to give his daughter, named Danielle in honour of Iron-Fist. A few weeks after the Avengers were born again, Luke and Jessica Jones married, in the presence of their many friends.

Luke accompanied the Black Panther and other African-American heroes to fight a group of vampires that had invaded New Orleans. Shortly thereafter, the heroic community ripped itself apart during the events called the Civil War; refusing to register, Luke sent his wife and daughter to Canada while he himself joined Captain America’s resistance after an altercation with SHIELD forces led by Iron-Man (Tony Stark), who came to arrest him at midnight upon the application of the Superhuman Registration Act (SRA) even though he had not yet used his powers after the implementation of the new legislation.

Luke Cage Comic

Blade , Brother voodoo, Black panther, and Luke Cage.

Among the Secret Avengers, Luke also found the Falcon and Iron-Fist, who then pretended to be Daredevil. Luke was one of Captain’s main supporters until he surrendered during the last battle of the Civil War. After Captain’s arrest, however, Luke refused to benefit from the amnesty, joining a group of Avengers who shared his opinions and were now hiding from the authorities, while continuing their heroic activities. For a time, Luke was in charge of the group. Once again, Luke found himself alongside Iron-Fist, even though he soon left the Avengers to deal with his own problems.

Jessica Jones and their daughter eventually returned from Canada and the group settled for a time at Dr. Strange’s Saint of Saints, before relocating to an apartment donated by Daniel Rand when Dr. Strange in turn left the group after the events of the Hulk War, during which Luke and his teammates were defeated by the Green Titan his allies of the War Bound. Shortly after the end of the Civil War, Luke’s Avengers learned that the Skrulls had begun to infiltrate the Earth by adopting the appearance, and powers, of some superhumans, generating growing suspicion first within the group but especially towards Iron-Man and his SRA supporters.

Luke Cage Comic

Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man, Luke Cage and Captain America.

Worried about this infiltration and the attack by Hood and his criminal gang on the Avengers, Jessica Jones eventually took refuge with Stark, hoping to be better protected; shortly afterwards, the Skrulls launched their offensive. Luke participated in the fight against aliens, joined by his wife in the final battle against them in Central Park. The heroes succeeded in triumphing over their opponents, but Danielle Cage was kidnapped by a Skrull posing as the Avenger butler, Edwin Jarvis, while, as peace returned, Norman Osborn, who had been released some time ago to lead the Commission’s Thunderbolts, was appointed to head the Initiative after Stark’s dismissal, blamed for the infiltration.

Luke Cage Comic meets Osborn

Shortly afterwards, the new Captain America (James Barnes) offered Luke’s Avengers a place to stay to continue their activities. The heroes agreed and decided to help Luke and Jessica Jones find their daughter; unable to find a lead, despite additional help from the Fantastic Four and Iron-Fist, Luke decided to call on Osborn, agreeing to come work for him if the criminal found Danielle Cage. Osborn tracked down the Skrull and thus allowed Luke to recover his daughter unharmed but, after Bullseye had killed the Skrull, Luke reneged on his promise to Osborn, returning to the Avengers, determined to oppose the criminal. His teammates suggested that he take over the team leadership, but Luke declined their offer, preferring to see Ronin (Clint Barton) take on this responsibility.

Some time later, Osborn captured Iron-Fist, brainwashed him in order to get back at Luke, to punish him for revealing his Green Buffoon costume identity and his refusal to join his camp. However, the former hero for hire was able to use his strong friendship with Rand to break the brainwashing and the two friends escaped Osborn and his troops.

Luke Cage Comic

Norman Osborn.

However, when the Avengers were struck by Chemistro’s power reversal machine, Luke suffered from heart pain and had no choice but to surrender to Osborn for treatment; but, once he was surrendered, his teammates came to free him by ripping him out of the claws of the Dark Avengers who were watching him on board a helicopter, taking advantage of a diversion created by other heroes by attacking the HAMMER camp. Discovering that Osborn had planted a miniature bomb in his heart to compensate for such an escape, Dr Strange and Hank Pym were able to extract it, before abandoning it in Osborn’s house, just before it exploded.

Luke Cage Comic against the Hand

Soon after, as Luke had recovered well from his operation, the Avengers, and several of their allies, rescued the Asgardians, attacked by Norman Osborn and his troops. At the end of the siege of Asgard, the former industrialist was dismissed from office and arrested, while most of the superhumans loyal to him were also captured by the authorities. After participating in the battle, Luke was offered by Steve Rogers, the new head of the Initiative and director of SHIELD, the supervision of the Thunderbolts program, again dedicated to the rehabilitation of former costumed criminals.

Luke, assisted by former first generation Thunderbolts, MACH-5, Fixer and Songbird, quickly formed his team, recruiting the Phantom, Opal, Scourge and Crossbones. With the help of the Thing Man, ensuring the group’s movements, Luke led his team against Trolls, the ninjas of the Hand when Daredevil succumbed to the corruption of the Beast, or the Purple Man. Finally, it was with other urban heroes that Luke managed to save the blind vigilante from the Hand, who left New York for a while to recover.

Luke Cage Comic

Defenders against the Hand.

At the same time, Rogers and Stark had also convinced Luke, who still refused to join a government structure, to remain within the Avengers, with his own team, based in the team’s historic Manor and managed independently. Rogers only required Victoria Hand, Osborn’s former right-hand man, to serve as a liaison officer, which did not go without creating tensions within Luke’s Avengers team.

The latter and his group quickly came to the aid of Dr. Strange, Dr. Voodoo and Daimon Hellstrom against an attempt by Agamotto to destroy reality, a fight that apparently ended in Voodoo’s sacrifice. Soon after, Luke and Jessica recruited the young Squirrel to act as a nanny for Danielle Cage during their absences as Avengers. Luke’s team faced the return of Hood, then the Osborn Dark Avengers. Some time later, Luke joined all the Avengers to fight the X-Men in the hope of preventing the Phoenix from coming to Earth, then fighting Namor. When the power of the cosmic entity was shared between five X-Men, they captured many Avengers, including Luke, but the Avengers eventually defeated a Cyclops owned by the entire Phoenix, ending the conflict.

Luke Cage Comic Face superior Spiderman

But, suffering from his imprisonment and after a discussion with Daredevil, after preventing the spectre of Daniel Drumm, Dr. Voodoo’s brother, from taking revenge on the Avengers, which nevertheless cost Hand his life, Luke decided to give up his heroic career in order to take care of his wife and daughter. But Luke could not keep himself too far from his duties as a hero, taking care of young vigilantes, such as the new Power-Man (Victor Alvarez) and the White Tiger (Ava Ayala), in an ephemeral incarnation of Heroes for praise, fighting with them the Pillard (Parnival Plunder), until the superior Spider-Man (actually a Peter Parker possessed by Otto Octavius’ spirit) sneered at the venal nature of their heroism. Shortly afterwards, he was at their side when Thanos’ troops invaded Earth, led by the Black Order.

Luke Cage Comic

Luke Cage Comic vs Spiderman.

With the Avengers occupied in space or against Thanos, Luke formed a new team of Avengers to defend New York, with Spider-Man, Spectrum (Monica Rambeau) and the mysterious Spider Hero; together they were able to repel the Shuma-Gorath demon, summoned to Earth by a Dr. Stephen Strange who fell under the influence of the Black Order’s Ebony Claw. With these Powerful Avengers, Luke had to win against the superior Spider-Man, who used his Arachnautes to try to become their leader.

After a brief skirmish with Gideon Mace, Cage and the Avengers faced Dr. Positron, before countering the plans of the mysterious Thanatonauts. But the group split up shortly afterwards, mainly because Tony Stark, whose moral sense had been reversed during the fight against the Red Onslaught, initiated legal proceedings to ban them from using the name Avengers.

Luke Cage Comic with the Heroes for Hire

After taking care of their former secretary Jennifer Royce, who had become evil because of an old African amulet, Luke Cage reluctantly agreed to relaunch the Heroes for Hire with Iron-Fist. Later, they assisted several of their former enemies who were being pursued by the Americans; their struggle led Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) to intervene as part of his predictive justice born of the powers of Novhuman Ulysses Cain. Rand was imprisoned on the pretext that he was going to participate in an escape, an action that created serious tensions between the two Heroes for Hire and Danvers, even if Rand eventually regained his freedom, not without a new confrontation with Captain Marvel and the heroes who supported him.

Luke Cage Comic

Luke Cage Heroes for Hire.

For her part, Jessica Jones was recruited by SHIELD and Captain Marvel to infiltrate a secret organization; to ensure her coverage, Jones was imprisoned and, to protect her daughter, secretly entrusted her to her adoptive mother without informing Luke. Furious about what he considered to be treason, Luke called on his friends to find the child, not hesitating to physically threaten his wife when she was released to continue her mission. Finally, he found the child himself, promising Jones’ mother that he would never forgive her for her actions.

Here is below the trailer of Luke Cage Season 2! Enjoy! 🙂

Marvel’s Luke Cage – Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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