POP Smoke, Hip-Hop artist, Death Anniversary

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On February 19, 2020, the hip-hop world was shocked by the information that Brooklyn native Pop Smoke was fired and killed in Hollywood Hills, California where he was remaining at the moment.

The 20-year-old was simply making his mark throughout the nation presenting a unique noise currently called Brooklyn Drill to the nation with hits such as “Welcome to the Party,” and “Dior.”.

Pop Smoke drew numerous contrasts to 50 Cent due to his voice, and how he was turning up as a young musician. Those contrasts and also influences become tape-recording remakes of the Queens native’s largest hits off his album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ named “Many Men.”.

“There are budding Pop Smoke clones out there. Not many can rap in the same tenor as Jackson, but newcomer Dusty Locane, also hailing from Brooklyn, definitely comes close. Locane and Smoke were friends before the latter left his school in fifth grade to become a Billboard chart-climber.

As a way of paying homage to his late acquaintance, he’s adopted that gravelly growl we all loved. Locane is one of those rappers who, in exquisitely channeling the cadence of the late star, allows Pop Smoke’s voice to live on – almost literally – in music today.

Pop’s Americanized drill sound left New York a long time ago. Italian viral stars Vale Pain and Rondo’s recent ‘Louboutin’ video is clearly influenced by the budding New York scene that Smoke led. The leg shake, the waving of coloured bandanas, repping notorious gang sets such as the Crips – it’s safe to say that the “woo!”-ing icon had a huge hand in their work. They even rap with flows similar to those of the Canarsie superstar.”

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