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Some have increased concerns that a person of Johnson & Johnson’s previously reported vaccination information factors a 66% worldwide efficacy in avoiding reasonably symptomatic condition, doesn’t appear as remarkable as numbers reported by Pfizer and also Moderna, which exceeded 90% efficacy at protecting against symptomatic COVID-19. 

However, specialists are quick to keep in mind that it might not be the most effective comparison: The Pfizer, as well as Moderna medical tests, really did not think about brand-new variants and still had 100% effectiveness against hospitalizations and also the numbers of deaths.

“How soon will the J&J vaccine be available?

It could be as soon as early next week.The vaccine still has a few steps to go before the FDA gives emergency use authorization.On Friday, the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee holds a public meeting.

This independent group of experts determines if the vaccine works and if it’s safe. It will then make a recommendation to the FDA. The FDA usually follows its advice. The FDA could sign off on the vaccine as early as Friday or Saturday.

Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective, FDA analysis finds
How soon will the J&J vaccine be available?

Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine is safe and effective, FDA analysis findsOn Sunday afternoon, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, known as ACIP, is scheduled to meet and set guidelines for who should get the vaccine.

Their vote is scheduled for 3pm.From there, the vaccine could start rolling out of the J&J facility to vaccine centers around the country.But don’t expect those vaccine waiting lists to be gone any time soon.

The supply is limited. The company says it only has 4 million doses of its vaccine ready to ship “immediately.” It should have 20 million ready by the end of March.”

Promising new data for Johnson and Johnson vaccine
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