Republican Party Sees Mass Exodus, and You Will Not Believe Why!

As the political landscape continues to move below us, the American citizenry has actually begun to comprehend the intricacies of its movement.

Often we experience the anxious, jigsaw-like skittering of the day-to-day tumult as simply one more frequency to take care of. The kids are breaking down, but at least Washington’s sane. The federal government may get toppled, however at the very least we had a voucher for that last oil modification.

But there are time in which structural shirts occur, as well as they can scare the bejeezus out of us.

This could effectively be one of those times, as the Republican Party looks to be experiencing some significant issues.

“In California, more than 33,000 registered Republicans left the party during the three weeks after the Washington riot. In Pennsylvania, more than 12,000 voters left the G.O.P. in the past month, and more than 10,000 Republicans changed their registration in Arizona.

An analysis of January voting records by The New York Times found that nearly 140,000 Republicans had quit the party in 25 states that had readily available data (19 states do not have registration by party). Voting experts said the data indicated a stronger-than-usual flight from a political party after a presidential election, as well as the potential start of a damaging period for G.O.P. registrations as voters recoil from the Capitol violence and its fallout.

The biggest spikes in Republicans leaving the party came in the days after Jan. 6, especially in California, where there were 1,020 Republican changes on Jan. 5 — and then 3,243 on Jan. 7. In Arizona, there were 233 Republican changes in the first five days of January, and 3,317 in the next week. Most of the Republicans in these states and others switched to unaffiliated status.”


Democrats had formerly skilled comparable trouble, as that party, too, cleaved in half with extremists on one side and also moderates on the other.

Voters Leaving The Republican Party En Masse
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