Texas, MAJOR Scary Night as Power Companies Struggle to Deal with Arctic Temperatures

A frozen blast has actually descended upon the Lone Star State, bringing freezing temperatures and snow to a wide swath of Texas early today.

Points are not fun or happy. It’s not allow’s make snowmen sort of problems. Texans are frightened that they may deficient with this.

The reason being? Power firms that were trying to perform rolling power outages to reduce stress and anxiety on the power grid completely muffed the whole thing up. Currently, the power generators have been obstructed by the chilly itself as well as there is little that anyone can do to bring the situation back under control up until the climate passes.

Source: National Weather Service, Noaa, Cartography: Steven Bernard

This implies that a huge part of the population in Texas, where this never takes place, are staying in unheated houses while it’s 6 levels outside for days on end.

“Nearly 200,000 Austin Energy customers woke up without power Monday and were not expected to get it back until Tuesday — possibly late in the day — because of a so-called rotating power outage that didn’t rotate, leaving parts of the city in the cold and dark.

The outages began in the middle of the night, leaving swaths of neighborhoods without electricity, as already freezing temperatures dropped into single digits during an extraordinary winter storm that has raised questions about the city of Austin’s and the state’s ability to handle such an event.

The power shutdown left nearly 40% of Austin Energy households without heat or services, such as internet, to work remotely as icy conditions made roads unfit to drive. It also created confusion with residents wondering why they had lost power when others had not — and when they might get it back.

Local government leaders and Austin Energy officials held a news conference Monday to address the lingering questions. Fittingly, it started 20 minutes late and began with Travis County Judge Andy Brown losing signal on his phone as he was forced to log in from his car because his Hyde Park home was without electricity.”

Multiple states declare emergencies as an arctic blast brings historic winter weather
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