Tiger Woods’s Girlfriend Visited Him at Hospital

Tiger Woods-pook

Tiger Woods stays hospitalized following his significant car accident on Tuesday early morning, however, he had the ability to see a loved one on Wednesday.

 Erica Herman, her girlfriend, was seen visiting the PGA Tour star at the healthcare facility on Wednesday.

“Woods sustained injuries to his leg that required a rod, screws, pins and a surgical release of the muscle covering — one that surgeons likely believed would save his leg from amputation, Faust said.

Authorities believe that the incident was “purely an accident,” but will have to pull the black box event recorder from the vehicle to make that determination, Villanueva said.

When he saw Woods in the hospital Tuesday, the 15-time major champion told investigators he had no memory of the crash.Just a month after his fifth career back surgery, the most recent crash threatens to set back his hopes of returning to golf glory.”

Reconstructing Tiger Woods’s Car Crash Scene
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