Tornado strikes North Carolina coast, 3 dead, 10 hurts, officials says

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3 individuals are dead and also 10 others are recuperating from injuries after a feasible twister struck coastal North Carolina overnight, authorities claimed.
The possible whirlwind touched down about midnight Tuesday in Brunswick County, which was under a hurricane warning. Minutes later on, the National Weather Service’s office in Wilmington warned of architectural damages as well as downed high-voltage line near Highway 17 in Grissettown.

“Around 11:50 p.m., the tornado touched down in the area of Seaside Road and Highway 17, then crossed Highway 17 into a rural area, he said.

“The community of residential homes was impacted, we had several homes that were destroyed, several that were severely damaged. Unfortunately, we had 10 injuries that we can report at this time and we had three confirmed fatalities at this time,” Conrow said.

The majority of the damage was in the Ocean Ridge Plantation subdivision, however, there was another neighborhood affected off Old Shallotte Road, he said.

Around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, the county’s emergency teams were working to secure the area, clearing the streets, and shutting off any gas leaks.

“As daylight comes out we’re going to do a systematic search through all the residences and structures that were destroyed or damaged to confirm any injuries or fatalities in them. That search is probably going to take several hours this morning and I expect to go into the afternoon tomorrow,” Conrow said.”


Deadly tornado in Brunswick County, NC: #WakeUpCLT​ To Go 2-16-21
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