Trump Acquitted by the Republicans but this is a Whole New Situation

Donald Trump Acquitted--pook

After deliberation, the acquittal of Donald Trump was judged as such. The Republicans are at the dawn of deciding on a new alternative, a new path which would fill a gap, that of the birth of a new breath, of a new political party. It is possible that the videos shown during Trump’s trial resonate with different social and political strata.

Many Republican senators were clearly shaken bythe voluminous video evidence presented by Democratic House impeachment managers last week that showed how the former President spooled lies about the November election to his followers for months, then inflamed the anger of a mob to the point where they stormed the Capitol on January 6, violently beating police officers as they claimed to be carrying out Trump’s instructions to stop the certification ofthe electoral votes.

And unlike Trump’s first impeachment trial, when he could claim that he’d been vindicated, few GOP senators rushed to defend him on Saturday. Clearly still afraid of the electoral consequences they would face if they crossed the former President, many pinned their votes on the weak procedural argument that they lacked authority to convict under the Constitution since Trump has already left office.

(The vast majority of constitutional scholars disagreed with that premise and the Senate had already voted earlier in the week that the trial was constitutional).

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