United Airlines plane falls onto Colorado street, spread debris throughout Broomfield

United Airline falling plane debris colorado-pook

BROOMFIELD, Colo.– There’s a new video clip of debris falling onto the road in Colorado from the United Airlines airplane that was required to make an emergency landing because of an engine failure Saturday.

A Nest video camera in a suburban Denver neighborhood caught the metallic things striking the ground with such force that it bounced several feet into the air.

Another photo of debris from a home off Elmwood in @broomfield.

The good news is, no person was hurt from the falling objects.

At the same time, passengers on the trip stated their reactions when the incident took place.

“United Airlines said in a statement that “Flight 328 from Denver to Honolulu experienced an engine failure shortly after departure, returned safely to Denver and was met by emergency crews as a precaution.”

United said there were no reported injuries onboard, and the plane was carrying 231 passengers and 10 crew.

The plane’s pilot told air traffic control that they were experiencing an “engine failure” after reporting a “mayday.”

Witness describes narrow escape from falling airplane debris
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