United States Senate Verification Hearing Underway For Dr. Rachel Levine’s Historic Nomination For NHS Assistant Secretary

Rachel Levine-pook

She would certainly make history as the first out transgender federal official to be verified by the Senate.

An Us senate confirmation hearing is happening today for Head of state Joe Biden’s pick to serve as assistant health secretary, Dr. Rachel Levine, that is the former director of the Pennsylvania Division of Health.

She would make history as the very first transgender government authorities to be confirmed by the Senate.

“Levine, who most recently worked as Pennsylvania’s top health official, is transgender. If her nomination succeeds, she will become the first publicly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

She would have been within her rights to be enraged by Paul’s ignorance, but she responded on Thursday by repeating a steady message: “Transgender medicine is a complex and nuanced field,” she said twice. It was composed of “robust research,” and standards of care. She would be happy, she said, to come to Paul’s office and discuss the issue in-depth.

She repeatedly thanked him for the opportunity to answer his questions, even the demeaning ones.

She kept her hands folded on the table, while Paul jabbed his finger in the air and dismissively scoffed, “If you’ve ever been around children — 14-year-olds cannot make this decision.” (Levine is a pediatrician who created the Penn State Hershey Medical Center’s adolescent medicine division. Paul is an eye doctor.)”

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