United States Launches Armed Force Airstrikes Against Iranian-Backed Militants In Syria

Us launches airstrikes in Iran-pook

The United States released airstrikes in Syria on Thursday targeting Iranian-backed militia teams in the very first known offensive military procedure executed by the Biden management.

The Department of Protection said the strikes are a response to current rocket assaults versus Americans in Iraq, consisting of one in which a private contractor working with American forces was eliminated and a number of United States solution participants were harmed. Officials think the Feb. 15 attack in Erbil, Iraq, was performed by Shia militants.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby in a declaration called the United States operation a “proportionate military response.

“United States officials said that overnight airstrikes ordered by Mr. Biden hit a collection of buildings on the Syrian side of a border crossing with Iraq on Thursday and targeted members of the Iran-backed militia Kataib Hezbollah and an affiliated group.

A Kataib Hezbollah official said that one of his group’s fighters had been killed in the airstrikes. A statement by the group later described the dead fighter as a member of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces, a collection of paramilitaries that includes Kataib Hezbollah and is officially part of Iraqi government security forces.

But Iranian state television and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a conflict monitor based in Britain, reported that 17 fighters had been killed in the airstrikes, which occurred near Abu Kamal, Syria, just across the border from Iraq.”

U.S. launches airstrikes in Syria targeting Iran-backed militia
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