Derrick Lewis try to clarify why he punched a subconscious competitor twice

Derrick Lewis supplied a terrible knockout of Curtis Blaydes in the UFC Fight Night 185 main event on Saturday evening.

In doing so, he linked the UFC record for the majority of knockouts (12 ), but the method the final secs of the battle went left many speaking not about Lewis’ career achievements yet whether he went also far.

The knockout itself was remarkable. Blaydes makes a rather clumsy takedown attempt and also Lewis reacts with a flawlessly timed uppercut. So Blaydes basically leans into a strike and also is out.

He folds to the mat, inactive, and Lewis right away strikes him with 2 full-on punches to the face.

“This one had to feel good because Lewis doesn’t like Blaydes and was annoyed their fight got canceled a day before they were set to tangle in November when Blaydes tested positive for COVID-19. In addition, Lewis had a hellacious time getting to Las Vegas due to all the devastating weather issues in his hometown of Houston this past week.

Lewis ended up unleashing as vicious an uppercut you’ll ever see, and he handed out a few extra shots to an unconscious Blaydes afterwards (one or two too many, if you ask me). Then, just to make sure his message was sent loud and clear, he hit a few WWE-style crotch chops while Blaydes was still out on the ground. If that’s not adding insult to injury, I don’t know what is.

It wasn’t that long ago (March 2019) that Lewis dropped his second in a row and seemed a bit lost about where to go from there. Since then, he got into shape, addressed nagging injuries and is fighting as well as ever.”

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