Should Deshaun Watson go public with his dissatisfaction?

Deshaun Watson

Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has actually made it clear, independently, that he intends to be traded.

With the Texans not yet revealing an inclination to offer him what he desires, the concern becomes whether Watson should make his placement public.

A year ago, one prominent gamer triggered a profession with a well-time tweet. Throughout Super Bowl week, we asked that player– Bills receiver Stefon Diggs– for the suggestions he ‘d given to Watson so as to get the trade he wants.

“The Broncos have not been shy about talking publicly about a search for a future franchise quarterback, and privately, the Broncos are reportedly throwing their name in the Watson sweepstakes.

The Dolphins are more subtle in their public approach, because while Denver doesn’t seem to concerned about “hurting the feelings” of Broncos youngster Drew Lock, Miami is aware that Tua might indeed be their “future franchise quarterback.”

So they tread lightly around the idea of dumping him … just in case they don’t.

But as with a respected reporter in Denver passing along the Broncos’ plans to pounce, an assortment of respected Miami reporters say the same about the Dolphins.”

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