Chó the Cat from Vietnam

Chó the Cat from Vietnam

In images: Three year old cat from Vietnam that has actually come to be a sensation on the web.
An attractive 3 year old cat from Vietnam has come to be an experience on social media.

Laos: An adorable 3 year old cat is breaking the web. His name is Chó, which implies “dog” in Vietnamese.

Chó the Cat from Vietnam the internet new Star

The cat became famous after the release of his images on social media. The animal comes from Lê Quốc Phong, 25 years old, that is intended to want to try out the look of the cat.

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Chó the Cat from Vietnam
Chó, that lives in Hai Phong and also is simply over three years of ages, along with being famous in Vietnam, is likewise prominent in various other neighboring nations like Thailand and also China. According to the media, it is also said that it gets followers from all over the world after it has actually been featured on several websites.
Cho the cat from Vietnam wearing suit and glasses pookCho the cat from Vietnam

Chó the Vietnam’s Cat like ice cream and cheese!

The was quoted as claiming by an international website that the cat had a “several girlfriends as well as lots of children in the nation”. He additionally stated that he liked being clicked which he was “extremely participating when he wore outfits.

Chó the Cat from Vietnam

In addition, its proprietor disclosed that the cat wants to consume ice cream and cheese. The, who operates in the pet services sector, is stated to have actually gotten around 30 suits and also a range of small sunglasses.

Chó the Cat from Vietnam

Lê Quốc Phong the owner of Chó

Chó the Cat from Vietnam pook

Chó the Cat from Vietnam pook! 🙂