Fat Tuesday, How to celebrate Paczki Day


It’s a time-honored custom for city Detroit bakeshops, as well as a day that usually attracts large crowds for local business. We’re certainly talking about Paczki Day

Some people claimed Paczki Day 2020 just missed out on the financial impact of COVID, however, given that the pandemic truly hit Michigan, sales have actually been down overall.
This is why Fat Tuesday is so important for family members bakeshops, currently dealing with a difficult task; social distance as long as possible on what’s normally their busiest day of the year.

Today is Paczki Day, Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras all wrapped up into one glorious day.

You have only one rule to remember:

Paczki is plural. As in, “I will eat at least 12 Paczki today.” That’s more than one.

If you’re eating just one, and we’re not sure how that’s possible, then you’re eating a Paczek. That’s singular.

Other than that, there are no rules.

Today is like Super Bowl Sunday, where anything goes.

“We’ve been pushing for pre-orders for like three weeks because we wanted to get out ahead of it,” said Andrew Gauthier at Groovy Donuts, who expects to sell several thousand Paczki today (Feb. 16, 2021) when his stores in East Lansing and Williamston, Michigan, open at 7 a.m.

From East Lansing to Detroit and from Grand Rapids to the Upper Peninsula, every small town bakery and even popular grocery store and gas station chains will be selling Paczki by the hundreds and thousands.”


Obviously, with a high calorie rate, it is recommended to burn a few calories after such a moment of pleasure, isn’t it?!

Groovy Donuts for Paczki Day 2021
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