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Kevin Kumala Stop Plastic Bag in Bali..

To stop seeing the ocean as well as coastlines soiled, this young Balinese biologist had the suggestion of making 100% biodegradable bags made from manioc starch.
Balinese diver and internet user Kevin Kumala had actually had sufficient of seeing plastic residue on the seabed and on the wonderful coastlines of his Island of the Gods. Like all 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali has actually experienced strong financial development, with a consequent boost in the variety of plastic bags deserted on coastlines, tossed right into the sea or scattered along roadsides.

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Kumala Kevin Wants to Reduce Plastic

Kumala has a lot of ideas to lower the amount of plastic waste tossed right into the setting.
A biologist by training, the boy sought solutions. To change the plastic bags, he had the suggestion of using cassava. This low-cost item is extensively generated in Asia. The starch-based bag takes 3 to 6 months to completely deteriorate, as compared to numerous years for a conventional plastic bag. It liquifies totally in hot water from 80 degrees.

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Its uniqueness as compared to various other naturally degradable options to plastic is that it does not need oil for its production, that it is completely lasting, biological, not dangerous for landscapes, human beings and also animals, which could consume it without risk.

To earn his concepts a fact, Kevin Kumala set up his company in Bali, Avani Eco as well as opened a manufacturing unit on the close-by island of Java.

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Renewable Lunch box as well as Eco-ponchos

Given that 2015, his firm has actually been creating timeless auto racing bags made from manioc starch, yet it has also developed lunch boxes based on sugarcane, smoothies or salad containers based upon corn starch or eco-ponchos made from soya as well as sunflower seeds! When it comes to the young business owner’s militant method, it appears on the back of all his products: “I am not plastic“.

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Waves of plastic waste

In Indonesia, plastic waste essentially floodings rivers, seas and roads, killing marine life as well as land animals that consume it. The archipelago consequently needs aid as well as ecologic campaigns more than ever to maintain its environment.

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This concern likewise affects other regions of the globe, figured out to discover options to plastics. In Madagascar, Gasy Plast uses imported cassava to develop bags. For the time being, it acts in your area but with the objective of establishing in Africa, Asia as well as Mauritius.

In Cameroon, Jean-Aimé Mbei, a scientist at Yaoundé University’s chemistry laboratory, is trying out a process that combines cassava as well as kaolinite – the white clay used making porcelain – to reinforce the structure of starch, which has the drawback of softening in cold water and also deforming. For the straight packaging of foods items with cassava-based products, it is continuing tests to guarantee that no diffusion of fluids or gases can take place between the food and also the container.

In other words, cassava starch could well use a new motivation to the growth of eco-friendly product packaging, while giving concrete remedies to the trouble of plastic air pollution in numerous parts of the world.

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