Shaggy a.k.a Mr Boombastic, Dancehall artist, it wasn’t me, was in Super Bowl Massive Commercial Event


The 2021 superBowl was marked as usual by many marketing and musical events. There is one who was able to do well, it is MrBoombastic who is none other than the dancehall singer known and recognized for more than twenty years.

The Cheetos advertising which met with great success, a huge buzz, has its anti-generational effect and gives a little desire for Cheetos!

Shaggy obviously tweeted on his account these few seconds which have already toured the globe and which leaves no one indifferent ..!

It’s been 21 years since ‘It Wasn’t Me’ came out, and it’s still the perfect response to getting caught…@Cheetos #ItWasntMe #SBLV #Ad
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