Pappasparlor Street Art

Street Art With Pixel

Johan Karlgren, additionally referred to as Pappas Pärlor, He is a Swedish artist that develops interactive street art that makes his environments a whole lot much more enjoyable. Johan’s jobs are motivated by his enthusiasm– old computer game, which’s why all his characters that attack the streets are pixelated.


Pappas Pärlor’s pixel art can be generally discovered on our daily items, such as traffic signs, pipes, sculptures, fences and also hundreds more. They are sensibly included right into the functions of those things which gives them new significances while combined with art. Have a look to his instagram!

Enjoy below his Art!

From food art to street art to video games Johan Karlgren his sharing his creativity with his pixel art. Below you can find a sample of his artwork, you can enjoy more of his art on his instagram and find out the missing piece of the puzzle you are looking for!

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