Lady Gaga’s dogs have been Stolen in Hollywood and dog walker shot

lady gaga dog shot-pook

LOS ANGELES– A gunman shot and also injured a man who was walking pet dogs owned by the singer Lady Gaga on Wednesday night in Hollywood, taking two of the singer’s French bulldogs and triggering a search by Los Angeles authorities.

In the after-effects of the shooting, Lady Gaga supplied a $500,000 reward for the pets’ risk-free return, “no questions asked.”

“It is not known whether Lady Gaga’s pets were targeted because of her celebrity status, or whether it was a chance – or planned – attack, because of the breed of dog involved.

This is not an isolated incident involving French bulldogs. There have been several cases, around the United States, sometimes involving violent assaults on their owners, where the animals have been stolen.

In January, a woman in San Francisco was attacked at gunpoint by three men who escaped with her five-month-old puppy.

French bulldogs are hugely popular and in much demand, but they are notoriously difficult to breed. They require artificial insemination and the physical characteristics of the dog – a large head and shoulders – mean they usually have to be delivered by Caesarean section.

The breeding costs explain the price tag of a puppy, which can range from $2,000-$10,000.”

Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Shot, Dogs Stolen
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