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Thank You Pook!

Thank You Pook! Thank you to all of You following pook on facebook!  and here also! 🙂 We are now a bit more than 124 000 people!! 🙂


Big Eyed Japanese Cat Hana

10 Photos Of Adorable Big Eyed Japanese Cat Hana Meet Hana- the Scottish fold breed cat from Japan that concerned grow rather an excellent fan base upon Instagram. This Adorable Cat is Instagram celebrity who will melt your heart. One point is without a doubt, she looks charming in anything that she does The 3-year-old […]


12 Deadliest Roads In The World

12 Deadliest Roads That You Must See! Many People Die While Challenging These Deadly Highways. Traffic mishaps declare the lives of many travelers annually, it is extremely depressing for one to die or shed a loved one in this way.A lot of carnage incidents are brought on by inadequate road routines such as over-speeding, inebriated […]


Don’t Worry Be Happy!

How Could You Be Happy? Happiness for many people can be reach every single day! For other people even if they know that should be happy to stay in the happy mood! They struggle towards this ideal lifestyle. With this pictures below, you can come on pook! having the fun that you are looking for! 😋 […]


The Reason Why We Should Add Colours to Our Home Sweet Home This Winter

Why We Should All Add Some Colour To Our Home Decor This Winter Vibrant interiors can give all of us an easy means to shake off the winter blues. Whether it’s utilizing the abundant hues of on-trend colours like teal as well as aquamarine, or even adding some vivid acid brights to offset your grey […]


Diplo Autoerotique Waist Goat Time Non Official Music Video

Thomas Wesley Pentz (born November 10, 1978), much better recognized by his name Diplo, is an American DJ, document producer, rap artist, vocalist, songwriter and also document exec based in Los Angeles, California. He is the co-creator and lead member of the digital dancehall songs job, Major Lazer, as well as in addition to manufacturer […]


Donald Trump Rooster in China

Outside a shopping mall in China stands a huge statue of a rooster that appears like U.S. President-elect Donald Trump. The sculpture was erected in Taiyuan, the capital and also largest city of north China’s Shanxi district. According to China’s judgment Communist Party‘s People’s Daily, it declares the approaching Chinese Year of the Rooster. The […]



It has been four years considering that a group is working intensively on this craft that can get to the rate of 150 kilometres/ h. This amusing device established by the business Zapata Racing, the Flyboard Air, should soon end up being the object of all covetousness. Essentially, it’s type of like the Rolls of […]


Kung Fu CatFights

The domestic cat (Latin: Felis catus) is a tiny, normally hairy, carnivorous animal. They are typically called house pet cats when maintained as interior pets or just cats when there is no have to differentiate them from other felids as well as felines. Cats are frequently valued by humans for friendship and for their also […]


Bull Attack Bike India

The Bull is usually a docile and also quickly domesticated pet, may sometimes blow up for no evident reason. Many a times, the stray cattle take over the function of traffic law enforcement officer. These stray cattle might occasionally threaten the life of passers-by. The Bulls as well as cows strolling in the parks, preying […]

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