Google Meet adds a new ability to all at once finish a video call for all

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With the majority of colleges worldwide still relying upon remote understanding arrangements due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has actually been turning out enhancements to its education-focused solutions and service.

End meeting for all

Meeting organizers and moderators on a computer can end the meeting for everyone on a video call.

End meeting for all ends the meeting and automatically removes all participants from the meeting, even mobile users, so you don’t have to remove participants manually.


When the meeting ends for everyone, Quick access automatically switches off. When the same meeting link is used to restart the meeting, the organizer can turn on Quick access if they want.

Participants can access the meeting link for a meeting that ended, but can’t join until the meeting organizer restarts the meeting. The meeting will automatically restart once the organizer re-joins.

To make sure students can’t access the feature to start or end meetings, admins can switch off “Create a meeting” for students

Create a new meeting each time you want to meet with a different group of participants. When you restart a meeting, all previous participants can join.

Google Meet: Now Free for Everyone
Google Meet Adds

Recently, it introduced a bunch of new functions concerning its Meet video clip conferencing tool, including the ability for instructors or hosts to end a meeting for every person simultaneously.

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